is a private IP address of Internet Protocol Variant 4 (IPv4) network. It is an IP address of the vast majority of the wireless routers or ADSL modems.

All the possible configuration details, default pathways of a router can be accessed using this default host address. So, if you wish to check your router information, or want to access the admin panel, you can do it by visiting IP address. You have to type into your browser’s URL bar.

WARNING: Always make sure that you enter this in your browser. Most of the times, people type in wrong IPs such as http //, www., http//, http //192.168.o.1,, 192.168..0.1,, https //

Make sure you put in the correct IP address, i.e., Other useful information about is in our About section below.

About IP Address is a private IP address. It is most commonly used inside a private network. However, only routers, modems, and other IoT devices like webcams and DVRs can use the IP Address.

Usually, Netgear and D-Link model WiFi routers use as their default IP address. Since it is a private IP Address, only one device can use on a particular network. This mostly avoids address conflicts for the routers. Other common default gateways are and IP addresses.

How to Login Admin Panel

1. At first, check your WiFi Router. Make sure it is connected to your PC.

2. Then, you have to click on “Access Router Panel” button below, and you’ll be redirected to your default IP Address Page.

Access Your Router Admin Panel



IMPORTANT: It will take 20 to 30 seconds to redirect you to the Router Login Page. Till then, be patient.

3. Further, a popup will appear on the admin login page where you have to enter your username and password.

4. If you never changed the default username and password of your router, then type “admin” in both the fields.

For example:

Username: admin
Password: admin

If there’s still no success, then there might be these reasons:

  • might not be your IP address. It might be or some other private IP address.
  • At last, the router should be ON and connected to your PC via LAN or WiFi.

NOTE: If you can’t find the login page after using the “Access Router Page” then there’s an issue with your PC or WiFi router. You can also try to enter the IP address manually in the URL bar.

5. If you’ve forgotten your router’s username & password, then don’t panic. You can check out guide to recover router user & password within a few minutes.

If you are still facing issues like these, then you can reset your WiFi Router. Hold your router and find a reset button on the back or bottom of the router. It is generally a push button. You’ll have to push it in for resetting your router. To return the router to its factory settings, hold the button for 10 seconds. You can also use a pen or a sharp object like a needle to push it. This will resolve all the small login issues.

Default Router User & Password List for

Below is a list to get the default Username & password of your WiFi router in case you don’t remember it:

Below you can find default user & password for your router:

What to do If I Can’t Access Login Page?

If typing http: in the browser doesn’t work then, then this IP might not be your PC gateway after all. However, you can easily identify your device’s default gateway.

  • Just enter ‘ipconfig/all‘ into the Command Prompt.
  • It will take a few seconds to identify all the IP address of your system’s network.

Check if the gateway address is or not. Alternatively, you can check this tutorial to find your router IP address.

How to Change Your Router’s Password?

We can easily guarantee that no one remembers their router’s default username and password. You can keep it in handy by writing it down somewhere.

However, if you do not have access or remember your router’s login details, then try this:-

  • Reset your WiFi router back to its factory settings.
    (This is the best method that you should primarily follow. It will take on 10 seconds to reset your router back its original settings)
  • Change the router password using admin page login.
  • Reset the router using a web-based setup page.

How To Troubleshoot Router Errors?

Sometimes, people also face other undescribable errors with their WiFi Routers. Let’s say, and it will not respond to any commands or instructions after connecting to a network.

To fix such errors, you can try the following options:

Check Power Supply 

Most of the time, the main reason behind these errors is the improper power supply. People forget to turn on the power supply of their WiFi Router. Check if the power adapter is connected successfully to the Router.

Check your Router Signals

The router signals usually indicate all the different statuses of your WiFi router. So, whenever you think you’re facing an issue, check the LED lights on the router. If they are not working, then contact your company support.

Use Good Quality Cables

While using cables for connecting to your router, make sure you use the best quality. If you think that default cables are not durable enough, then buy some online. You can also try your nearest tech-store for assistance.

Final Words

All in All, this is all the possible information about the IP Address. You can efficiently make the use of your WiFi router using this private host address. If you have any doubts or questions about IP Address, ask them in the comment section below.

We have every piece of information, router login details and much more for other IP Addresses such as or



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