We cannot think about a day without the internet connection, and routers make the connection easier and cheaper. Setting up a router can save you from recharging multiple internet connections and multiple devices can be operated on through the signals they catch from a router.

Electronic gadgets use a specific IP Address which helps them to locate. work as IP Address for the maximum numbers of wireless routers. There are numerous IP Addresses, for example, or and others. They are being called host address as well.

About 192. 168. 1. 1 IP Address IP Address is being used by various routers. For examples: 3Com, 2Wire, Airlink, Asus, Aztech, Buffalo, Dell, Cisco, Eminent, D-Link, Huawei, Actiontec, Linksys, NetComm, Planet, Siemens, Repotec, SMC Networks, Tenda, TP-Link, pldt, Trendnet, Zoom, U. S. Robotics, ZTE, Zyxel. 192. 168. 1. 1 IP Address functions as default IP Address as well as a private IP Address also.

To access the router, you have to write down in the address bar of the browser. After access to the router admin panel, multiple options can be adjusted regarding DNS, WAN, LAN, MAC, DSL, WPS, DHCP, PPPoE, Proxy, IP QoS, network management, WLAN settings, and security options. Also, from to, within this wide range all of the IP Addresses are reserved as private IP Addresses.

From this information, it can be understood clearly that numerous devices share the same IP Address within the private ranges, but devices are set in a way so that they do not start to conflict within the range of the same IP Address, even after an address is being used twice or thrice or more than that.

Within the wide range of IP Addresses, the first and the last addresses are of no use. The other ones are used in purpose. The use of same IP Address does not hamper the smooth functioning of the devices because of the factor that the range of the Addresses is specified to the local network, which makes the usage of the same IP Address acceptable.

How to Login IP Address | Access Admin

It is not necessary every time that one has to know about his/her modem’s IP Address. The IP Address is only needed when it is time to set up the router or new modem or troubleshooting or during settings changing or any network issue.

The private IP Address range is starting from and ending at, within this wide range of IP Addresses is also a private IP Address. Logging in to the modem admin with the help of IP Address also allows changing the settings and configuration of the software that the router provides with.

The above-mentioned steps can help to login In case you are not able to log in then search for the IP Address that your router or modem uses. To be able to search your modem’s IP Address, follow the points below –

1. At first, connect your router to the computer. The connection can be wired or wireless.

2. After that, just click on “Access Router Page” button.

Access Your Router Admin Panel



NOTE: Please wait for 4-5 seconds to load the Router Panel completely. Also, if you’re getting an error or the web page is not loading then it’s not your IP address. Find your router’s IP address in the following article.

3. You’ll move to the admin login page where you can enter the username and password.

4. If you’re using default username and password of the router, then, in that case, type “admin” in both the fields.

For example:

Username: admin
Password: admin

5. After entering your username and password, they refer you to the homepage of your router’s firmware settings.

6. If you don’t remember user & password of your router then you can recover router username & password through our guide.

Default Router User & Password List

It is very common for people that sometimes they want to bring a change in their WiFi settings, unfortunately, cannot remember the login details of the default router. To find out the username of default router and its password, now nobody has to seek for numerous options. You can save time by not being stuck in the searching process for a long time.

However, to keep away the further issues one must be responsible enough to switch off the VPN Service.

The table can help to understand the default usernames and their passwords of various brands of routers which use IP Address:

What to do if I cannot access 192. 168. 1. 1 Login Page? IP Address Login page is needed for multiple purposes. However, one can face issues during logging into the page or may not be able to reach the specific page to login. The reasons vary, it can be due to:

  • Incorrect IP Address
  • IP Address complication in computer
  • Ethernet cable connection issue
  • Any problem within the router itself

To fix the issues the following factors can help:

  1. Power cycling.
  2. Check if you’re using a proper cable or not.
  3. Check on the light of the router and if it’s not on then try to plug in properly.
  4. or anyone of them is used by routers generally, so if one doesn’t work then look for the other.
  5. The IP Address of the computer has to be within the router’s IP Address’s subnet.
  6. Updated technology is able to improve the Router’s system and if the Router itself is facing issues then switch to a better router.

How to Change the Router’s Password?

Generally, routers come with a password that is same with almost all the other brands of routers. If the password remains the same, then anyone can access your network connection, and there is a chance of misusing it.

To prevent this issue, we advise you to change the router’s default password into a more secure password. Routers work as a gateway to access to internet connection.

Therefore, it is better to know more in details about the Router connection. The steps can help in changing the password of the router:

  • Open any of the web browsers from Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari
    Write down the IP Address of the router
  • The page that is open in front of you write down the default or previous username and password and log in.
  • You can see that you only have to enter the username and password when you change the settings.
  • After access to the router’s web-page, seek for the option of ‘Change Password.’
  • From there you can reset the new password by confirming it. Also, after submission, you are all set to use the new password.

Final Words

All in All, routers are really useful and can help you to save a lot. The IP Address is the most used IP Address of the wireless routers. To properly and securely access to the internet connection one has to input the right IP Address. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the IP Addresses of the router and computer need to be same.

If one put down different IP Addresses, then there will be no connection at all. This setting helps to omit the miscommunication. For example, if the IP Address is, then you cannot start it with other IP Addresses like IP Address or 0.

It is quite simple to solve any issue regarding IP Address. Therefore, following the above-mentioned rules can help in solving the troubles that are common to face by the router users.


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