This article is all about IP address & the complete process to access it.

About IP Address

The IP address is a very common IP address that is used by a lot of companies to configure routers. The IP address is an integral part of a router network because it enables the devices on it to connect to various other devices. The IP address is often confused with IP address due to its vast similarity. The digits are the same and only the position differs, hence always be careful while entering this IP address.

Why Do We Need the Admin Dashboard?

The admin page or dashboard of the 192.168.l.l00 IP address has it’s own significance because it is the page by which you will configure all the devices to your router. Without logging into the admin page of the IP address, you cannot make any changes whatsoever in the devices configured to your router.

You cannot even check the performance of your devices connected to your router without having access to the admin page of the IP address. Hence, in this article, we shall discuss the entire process of login and setup of the router.


Access Admin | Login to

The process of login into the admin page of the IP address is straightforward, and anyone with necessary information of computers can carry out the setup process. We always recommend knowing about the default username and password of your router that because you will need that as soon as you try to login the first time. The steps to log in to the admin page of the IP address are:

1. Open up a web browser on your Personal Computer. We recommend you to use the latest version of the browser to avoid any hassles.

2. Then, click on Access Router Panel button to open IP admin panel.

Access Your Router Admin Panel



NOTE: It might take 20 to 30 seconds to load the IP admin panel completely. If the web page is showing any kind of error then your router’s IP is different. You can find your router’s IP in this article.

3. The user authentication page will now open up. Enter the default username and password in the required space and press enter key to proceed further.

4. The admin page of IP address will now open.

5. From the admin page, you can change your internet connection type or even the name of the network and also add new devices or remove any existing devices.

6. You can also change the transmission speed, bandwidth, etc. and also keep a check on the different devices connected to your router from the admin page.


Default Router’s User & Password List

You can find any router’s default user & password from the drop-down list given below:

What to do if I Forgot Router IP Address?

It is very common to forget the default username and password of your router. People also forget the IP address of their router, and even this prevents them from login into the admin page of the IP address. But there is no need to panic because there are many methods to fix this issue which we have discussed below:

How to Find Router’s IP Address?

Finding the default IP address of your router is not so difficult a task because it is available at a variety of places. You can find all the required information about your router at the following places:

Method #1 The User Manual of your Router

The User Manual of your router is a vital booklet which has a lot of information about your router. It has all the information related to your router, so you should keep it safe. Hence, you can easily use the manual to find the default username, IP address, and password of your router.

Method #2 The Sticker on the back of the Router

The companies also provide some of the critical information on the sticker at the end of the router so that even if you lose the user manual, you can get access to that information. Such information includes the default username, default IP address and also default password of the router, along with the model number of the device. Thus, you can use this information to log in to the admin page of IP address.

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Best Approach to Factory Reset the Router

If you have forgotten the username and password of your router, then resetting is the best method to gain access to the admin page of the IP address. But, you need to remember one thing. After using this method, you need to reconfigure your router and its devices right from scratch.

Therefore, best way to factory reset your router is to use the pinhole button given at the back of your router. You have to press and hold down that button for about 10-15 seconds to reset the router. After which it will restart and then accept the default username and password.

Port Forwarding

If you want to do some not so important work on your computer, for example, playing games on then you can use the Port Forwarding feature. By this feature, you can use your router even without knowing the password. But, your computer must have the Universal Plug n Play system enabled and then only your router will open the ports for forwarding.

Issues Related to

We have also discussed the technical issues associated with the IP address. However, there are some other issues which need to be taken care of such as:

  1. Always use a stable source of power supply for configuration purposes to avoid any hassles.
  2. Always use good quality cables if your connection is a wire-based connection.
  3. If any issue comes forth, check the router lights which will give you a clear indication.

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This was all the information that a user needs to have about the IP address. Now you can easily log in to the admin page.


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