This article is all about IP address & the complete process on how to use it in an efficient way.

Introduction to

The IP address is a commonly used default IP address which is used by many routers. Unlike various other common IP addresses, the IP address is a private IP address of type C and can be used without seeking any license from the authorities. In this article, we shall discuss the IP Address.

What Restrictions Do We Face When Using

One of the significant restrictions that the users of a private IP address like face is that the possible connections are minimal. You can only connect 254 devices with this type of IP address. While 254 looks to be a large number, but if you count the devices associated with each computer system, this number becomes very small. Hence it is not suitable for extensive networks.


How to Login into the Admin Panel

Logging into the admin page of the IP address is very important because it is the same page which allows you to configure individual devices to the router. To log in to the admin page, you should follow the steps given below:

1. At first, open the web browser on your computer system. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the web browser.

2. Then, click on Access Router Panel button embedded below.

Access Your Router Admin Panel



NOTE: Please wait for 20 to 30 seconds as it might take some time to load the IP admin panel from our database. If you’re getting any error then your default IP might be wrong. You can find your router’s default IP address from here.

3. The user authentication page will open up. Type in your default username and password in the designated space. Finally, press the enter key.

4. The admin panel of will now open up. Using this page, you can configure your devices easily.

5. In this web page, you can change your internet connection type from static to dynamic, or you can also change the bandwidth or even the name of your network.

6. You can also block specific devices from connecting and also monitor the various devices on your network.

List of Router’s Default User & Password

Below is a list containing every router’s default user & password. Simply, select your router from the list & find user & password.


How Can I Change IP Address

If you’re facing issues of IP Conflict, you need to change the IP address of the router from to something else. This is very easy, and you can follow these steps:

  1. At first, open the admin page of the old IP address.
  2. Then log in and open the Settings option.
  3. Click on the LAN tab, and then select the configure IP Address option.
  4. Then type the new IP address and click on OK.
  5. At last, log in once again from the new IP address.

How to Recover the User & Password of Router?

After configuring the router on the IP address, it is advised to change the default username and also it’s password. It is a common thing to forget the default username and password of the router. Hence, there is no need to panic because there are various methods to fix this issue. When you know the methods to recover the information, you don’t have to worry. These methods have been discussed below:

Method #1 Try Using Default Name and Password

You should never panic if you have lost the default username and password of your router. This information is also available in many places, and you can find it from there. You can refer the two sources given below to find the authentic information:

  • The User Manual of the Router: The User Manual has all the information related to your router, so you should always refer to it when you face any issue. From this booklet, you can find out the default username and password of the router.
  • The Sticker on the back of the Router: The sticker on the router also has the default username and password of the router. Hence, you can also find the default username and password from this sticker.

Method #2 Try to Reset the Router to its Default Configuration

If you have already changed the router name and password, you will have to reset it to default settings again because it is the only way possible. But, after using this method, you will be forced to reconfigure all your devices again to the router. An excellent method to reset your router to factory settings is to use the pinhole button at the back of the router.

Just press and hold the pinhole button for about 10-15 seconds to reset the router, after which it will accept the default username and password. Hence, you can log in to the admin panel efficiently using the default username and password.

Method #3 Use the Default Username and Password List

This is an excellent method to recover the router username and password. But, it is useful only when you don’t want to factory reset the router. If you are not able to find the default username and password of your router, you can also use the list of default username and password which is available on the internet.

Method #4 Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding is a process of using the ports of the router without any password. If you want to play games on your computer, then this is the best option to use. If your computer has Universal Plug n Play system enabled, your router will open up the ports for forwarding, and you can use them without any password.

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How to Troubleshoot

Other than the regular technical issues, while using the admin login page, you should always take a few precautions. Some of them are:

  • An unstable power supply, which may create hindrance in the process. So, use a stable power supply like UPS to avoid this.
  • Poor quality cables cannot transmit the data properly. Therefore, always use good quality cables if you have a wired network.
  • Always check the Router Signals, they should be in working condition.


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