This article is all about IP address & the whole process to access it’s admin panel.

About IP Address

The IP address is a default IP address which is used in a lot of routers and other devices to connect with each other. This IP address is used by a lot of manufacturers such as Motorola, Aztech, Netopia, etc. as the default IP address of their routers. A great thing about the IP address is that it is a private network based IP address and it does not require to have a license or a permission from the authorities. In this article, we shall discuss the process of login, issues faced and their fixes regarding the IP address.


How to Access IP Address?

If you’re using a router for the first time, you need not to panic because it is not a herculean task to login into the admin panel of the IP address. The entire process is very simple and involves a set of simple steps. It is important to know your default username and password before you log in to the admin page of IP address. The steps to log in to the admin panel of the IP address are given below :

1. At first, open up a web browser on your computer system. It is recommended that you should always use the latest version of the web browser.

2. Then Click on the Access Router Page button embedded below.

Access Your Router Admin Panel



NOTE: You need to wait for at least 10 to 20 seconds to load the admin panel from our database. If you’re not able to access IP then it’s wrong. You can find your router’s default IP address from here.

WARNING: Always type the correct IP address in your browser’s address bar. Don’t end up typing 192.168..1.2 or

3. The user authentication page will now open. Enter the default username and password your router in the designated space. Then, press the enter key to proceed.

4. Now, the admin panel of IP address will open. You can now configure your devices to your router from this panel.

5. You can change the name of the network, add a new device or even remove an existing device or even the network type from this page.

6. You can also change the transmission rate, bandwidth, and also view the devices connected to your router from the admin panel as required.


The most important work is to change the default username and password of your router in order to stay away from all security risks.

What Restrictions Do We Face When Using IP Address?

Using the IP address has its own restrictions. It is a well-known fact that is a private IP address as decided by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). You also need a proxy server to connect to this network because these IP addresses can be used by anyone without any permission whatsoever from the authorities. Also, the number of connected devices to this network is very meagre and it is not suitable for large networks.

How Can I Change the IP Address?

If you face an IP Clash, then you need to change the IP address of the router or the other device with a clash. Always take care that the new IP address has 3 dots and has the same class of address. The last digits have to be between 0 and 255. The steps to change the IP address of your router are:

  1. At first, open the Command Prompt Window.
  2. Then type “ipconfig/release“. Now press the enter key.
  3. Type “ipconfig/renew“. Type the new IP address and press the enter key again.

Your IP address has been changed successfully and you have to log in again from the new IP address to use the router services.

What to Do if I Forget Router Name and Password?

You should not panic if you forget your router username or password because it is a common issue and there are a lot of methods to fix it. We have discussed these methods in detail.

Method #1 Find the Default Username and Password of the Router

You can find the default username and password of your router at the following two places:

  • The User Manual of the Router: The user manual is an important document and it has all the information regarding your device. You can also use the user manual to find the IP address, username, password, etc. of your router. This may not work if you have changed the username after the first use.
  • The Sticker on the back of the Router: Some manufacturers provide a lot of important information on the router’s sticker present at the back of the router such as default username, IP address and the default password of the router. Thus, you can always use this sticker to log in to the admin panel of the IP address.
  • Use the Default Username and Password List: If you cannot find the default username and password of your router, you can easily find it using the default username and password list. So, it is quite an easy process.

Method #2 Reset the Router to its Default Configuration

In case you have forgotten the IP address of your router, you can easily reset the router to its factory settings. However, using this method will require you to reconfigure all your devices from scratch. But this is a reliable and the best method to fix this issue. The easiest method to factory reset the router is to use the pinhole button provided at the back of the router. You only have to press and hold down the reset button for almost 10-15 seconds to reset the router; it will accept the default username and password after reboot.

Method #3 Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding is a process of opening the ports of your router without using a password. It is also highly useful if you want to play games on your computer system. If your computer system supports Universal Plug n Play; your router can open the ports for forwarding and you can use them even without knowing the password.

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Issues with IP Address

The technical issues associated with the IP address have already been discussed. So, there are still many non-technical issues which need to be taken care of to keep the router functioning. These are:

  1. Use a UPS or any other source of stable power supply for configuration.
  2. Always use good quality cables if your computer has a wired connection.
  3. Always note that router lights keep blinking while it is on.

In Conclusion

The routers are very useful and help you a lot. It is very simple to fix the issues related to IP Address. Therefore, the information stated above is sufficient to use the router.


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