Routers generally work based on its IP Address. Every IP Address is unique and functions distinctively from each other. is one of the most famous IP Addresses. Also, IP Address is hugely used as default IP Address by Ubiquiti Networks Rocket M2 Carrier Class airMAX BaseStation. IP Address is called famously ‘Default Gateway IP.’

About IP Address

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority has registered IP Address as a private network. Not a single specific organization is the owner of the private IP Addresses, including your ISP. RFC 1918 says anybody can make use of the private IP Addresses without the permission of the regional Internet registry, unlike the public IP Addresses.

Only a handful of brands use as their IP Address, such as Altai, SMC, Netgear, Linksys, ZyXEL, TP-Link, Ubiquiti, and Ubiquiti Networks. However, there is no guarantee that the routers from the brands as mentioned earlier can use only as their IP Address.

At first, find out the proper IP Address look into your user manual. IP Address is not much famous. IP Address is more common for the home networks. The range of IP Address is to The number of possible IP Addresses is 65,535. So, it’s important to find the right IP Address.

Access Admin Panel | Login IP Address is quite famous as it is a fragment of the class C network. The wide range among which IP Address is included, it is quite congested as the maximum amount of routers are holding or IP Addresses as their default IP Address.

If you get connected with this network system, then your device can get the IP address. Routers are generally accessible with the help of the browser. To access the IP Address admin panel, you need to follow few simple steps:

1. At first, press the ‘Access Router Page’.

Access Your Router Admin Panel



NOTE: Kindly have patience till the generator loads completely. Also, if you’re getting an error or the web page is not loading then it’s not your IP address. Find your router’s IP address in this article.

2. It will direct you to the admin panel where you can write down the default username and password, and both are same: ubnt

3. Then change the Ubiquiti AirOS default username and password.

4. At last, change the Ubiquiti AirOS default Wi-Fi name. With these steps you can follow a few other steps as well:

  • First, Open your browser
  • Then type in the text box
  • A login page will appear on the screen
  • Here you have to include the default username and password.
  • In case, you have changed it, then enter the most recent and last usable username and password

airOS Configuration Interface

  • You have to make sure that the host framework is connected with RocketM using Ethernet
  • On the host framework, design the connector with static IP Address on 192.168.1. X subnet
  • Then dispatch the internet browser. Type in the text box. Click on Enter option
  • Finally, you can see the login screen. Username and password, both fields are the same ubnt. Choose the country and language. Click on the Terms of Use option. Press Login.

Now you can see the airOS Configuration Interface which will enable you to modify the settings.

Issues with airOS Configuration Interface

  • Check for the switch whether it is using IP Address as its default address
  • Keep an eye on the switch connection.

How to Recover the Router’s Password

All routers have a set of default routers which maybe not known to you but the username and password remain same with the maximum numbers of routers. Therefore, if you do not have an idea about your router’s default username and password, then look for the model and brand. You can tell the username and password by looking at its model.

However, it may seem to the user that the router username and password are changed, then s/he can go for the ‘Router Hard Reset’ option. To proceed with this option, the user needs to look for the user manual. Generally, s/he just needs to hold a certain button for a fixed period. The below-mentioned table holds the information about default username and password of different brands, whether they use IP Address as their own or not :

WARNING: Never enter the IP Address incorrectly. Even the slightest mistakes can lead to a different IP. For example, the following are the common errors: 192,168,1,20,, 192.168.1,20,],, 192.168.o.20, 192.168.l.20, 192.168.o.1/login.cgi.



Username/ password














admin/admin or zoomadsl


Devices Using IP Addresses

ModelAdmin UsernameAdmin PasswordDevice Type


C1n Super WiFi CPE AP






access point











access point










Ubiquiti Networks









CPE, the access point


According to a survey of the most common logins which took place in 2017, the results are as follows: –


What to do if cannot access Login Page

Normally, Login page is quite easy to access. However, sometimes you can face issues during logging in. The possible reasons are mentioned below:

  • The issue with the quality of the wire
  • Checking on whether a static IP Address is in use or not
  • Hardware Malfunction
  • Software Malfunction
  • Incorrect Settings
  • Wire connection is loose
  • The router is facing issues itself
  • Cords are unplugged
  • Wrong set up of the client and device address
  • To get rid of the above-mentioned issues, the following steps can help:
  • Enter the correct IP Address
  • Keep an eye on the proper plugging in of the cord
  • Use different browsers to open the login page
  • Improve the wire quality
  • Check on the wire connection
  • Disabling the protection of your computer can help, such as antivirus
  • The user must keep an eye on the configuration. Incorrect configuration causes problems with the router’s connection.

If everything is in the proper position, still the user is facing issues with the network connection, then the user must change the previous device and connect a new device with the router. If the new device is not facing any issue, then you can blame the router.
Go through the manual of the router and find out which lights need to be light on during the functioning period of the router

If you notice that your device is identifying the address is starting with 169.254, then something is not right with your router. Try to find ways of designating proper IP address to the device.

How to change the Router’s Password?

To change the router’s password, you first need to enter the IP Address in the browser of your computer. Then, press Enter. Mostly for the IP Address, the default usernames and passwords are respectively ubnt, Altai, Admin and ubnt, wag, 5up. Also, from the settings option, now you can change the username and password of your router.

Usually, you can find out the right username and password from the user manual or below the router box. It remains there in printed form. Now, changing the password and also the username can save you from the hacking problem. Nobody wants to keep their valuable information accessible for the world. Therefore, Changing password can save you from unnecessary tension and trouble.

Conclusion IP Address is bit uncommon for the router brands and people have less knowledge about this IP Address. Hence, with the help of this article, you can deal with the IP Address issues quite easily.


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