– Routers function and connect with the help of a specific IP Address, and the address varies based on the brand of the router and model. IP Address is categorized as private IP Address. Modern routers generally use as their IP Address.

Sometimes, routers are accessible by both and IP Addresses. Also, there are numerous examples of private IP Addresses, and we can call them to host address as well.

WARNING: Most of the people type them in a wrong way such as 192.168.l.254, http //192.168.l.254, 192.168.l.1, https //192.168.l.254,  192.168.254,  192.168.l.254.254, http //, 192.168.1254, 192.168 l 254 and end up having no access to router.

About IP Address IP Address works as default IP Address for broadband modems and broadband routers for home use. Also, there are a set of routers which use as their IP Address. Majority of the companies are – Aztech, Motorola, 2Wire, Billion, Netopia, Thomson, SparkLAN and Westell modems. IP Address is reserved for networks that work privately. Also, private IP Address means, for a device, it is not possible to access the internet connection directly.

However, any device may not be able to access to an internet connection with the help of this IP Address, but from a local network, any device can connect using the IP Address with another device, within the range of the same network.

It is quite possible that a router which uses as its Private IP Address, can assign to any other device within the range of its network connection. But to do this, you need to use some other private IP Address.

Usually, within a network connection, it is necessary that all IP Addresses must have a unique address. The other quite known private IP Addresses are – and

Access Admin | Login to

IP Addresses of routers are being set up by the manufacturers in factories. However, it is not impossible for you to change the address at any given time.

To change the IP Address, you have to use the admin panel of the router. The simplest way of changing IP Address is –

First, enter the IP Address into the web browser. Now, you can get access to the router’s console.

To access your router’s IP Address, you can take help of the following steps:

1. Make sure that the router is connected to the computer. The way of connection can vary, from wired to wireless

2. Click on the button that says ‘Access Router Page.

Access Your Router Admin Panel



NOTE: Please wait for 4-5 seconds to load the Router Panel completely. Also, if you’re getting an error or the web page is not loading then it’s not your IP address. Find your router’s IP address in the following article.

3. You will be directed to the admin login page which provides you with a chance of typing the username and password.

4. Keep in mind, that while you are entering default username and password, then it will be ‘admin’ in most cases.

5. Now, you will be directed to the router’s firmware settings homepage. In case, you are unable to remember the username and password, and you can recover them.

Alternative Login Method 

Also, the other steps which can help you in changing the configuration and settings of the system:

  • Click on Windows-X for the Power Users menu
  • Now, choose the Command Prompt option. Also, you can navigate to search >type cmd>click on Command Prompt option.
  • Now, to display the list of the computer’s connections, you should enter ipconfig
  • In the section of Local Area Connection, you can find out the Default Gateway
  • Finally, you can directly see your IP Address.

Default Router User & Password List

Wi-Fi settings sometimes need changes to enhance the security of the system. However, it is quite a common problem that people forget their username and passwords of their routers. Manuals can help to solve this issue as manuals contain the necessary security details of the machine. However, if you are unable to find out the default username and password from your manual then this below-mentioned table can help you:

What to do if I cannot access Login Page

It is completely usual if you face any issue during the login to IP Address Login Page. Various reasons may cause it:

  • Inaccurate entering of IP Address
  • Computer facing problems regarding IP Address
  • The issue during cable connection
  • The router can face complications as well

To fix the issues the following factors can help:

  • Making sure the power supply
  • Keep the distance as less as possible between your device and your router
  • Keep an eye on the router’s signals whether your device can capture them or not.
  • Network cable needs monitoring when an issue occurs
  • Cable quality matters
  • Router’s light must be ON
  • Proper IP Addresses are necessary to connect with the network signals
  • The latest technology can help in solving the Router issues, and if still, the issues are there, then you need a better quality of the router
  • LED lights and router signals need surveillance as well

How to Change the Router’s Password

Usually, a general username and password remain fixed for all of the brands of routers. Manual books contain the same. However, if you keep the password and username intact, then anybody can connect with your network using the pre-determined username and password, which obviously you do not want.

Therefore, the router details must be in your forte. Search for the detailed security details of your router in Google. With these details, you can take help of the following steps or points:

Turn off your WiFi Router

Press and hold your router’s reset button that can be seen on the front panel. However, to perform the task, you need a needle or pointed pin. Now turn on the router. However, do not do hurry to release the button that resets, keep on holding the button for the next 10 seconds after your router gets turned on

It’s time of releasing the button and let the device to reboot

Now, you can establish a connection between your computer and router through Wi-Fi connection or network table

Also, you need to keep in mind that resetting the router will turn its factory defaults and it can result in losing all of the settings.


Routers are useful and can help you in your savings. IP Address is one of the most used IP Addresses. Now, to properly and securely access to the internet connection one has to input the right IP Address. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the IP Addresses of the router and computer need to be same.

If one put down different IP Addresses, then there will be no connection at all. This setting helps to omit the miscommunication. It is quite simple to solve any issue regarding IP Address. Therefore, following the rules as mentioned earlier can help in solving the troubles that are common to face by the router users.


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