Are you looking for Admin Login? Routers are the gateway of the Internet connection system, and IP addresses are one of the most important parts of the router. IP Addresses can be divided into two categories- public IP address and private IP address. Generally, home routers use private IP Addresses.

The features of public IP address and the features of private IP address are not completely different although not completely identical. However, few similarities can be found between them. IP Address falls into the category of private IP address. The protocol version it uses is IPv4.

WARNING: Make sure that you don’t enter any wrong IP Address instead of the correct “” IP. All the errors like 192.168.l.0,192.168 l 0,192.168.,  192.168.l0.1, 192.168 l 1, 192.168.10, 192.168.l0.l,

About IP Address

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has registered IP Address in the list of the private network. RFC 1918 rule says, to use private IP addresses, nobody needs any permission or consent of the regional Internet registry.

They are not even assigned to specific organizations. This rule does not work for public IP addresses. The network range of IP Address is –

However, pinpointing the location of IP Address is not possible due to the fact that it belongs to the family of private IP addresses and they are inaccessible from the internet.

Usually, the brands which make use of IP Address are- 4ipnet, Adb, Acelink, Accton, AboCom, Actiontec, AddTron, Airlink, Apple Airport, ASUS, Belkin, Cisco, TP-Link, Netgear, Linksys, D-Link, Ubee, Zonet, Zoom, XFINITY from Comcast, Ubiquiti, Motorola, Medialink, Repotec, Encore, WeVO, ZTE and others.

Access Admin | Login to

Admin panel helps to perform quite a lot of tasks. Without the admin panel, we cannot even get access to the IP address. The login process is normally the same for all of the private IP addresses. Few basic steps every brand of router follows. The levels are listed below:

  1. Open the Web Browser on your computer system. You can use any web browser. However, it is advised to use the latest version of the browser that you are using.

2. Hit the Access Router Panel button to get access to the IP Address.

Access Your Router Admin Panel



(Note: You should wait for a few seconds until the admin panel is not loading completely. In case, your system is showing ‘error,’ or the web page is unable to load, then IP Address is not your router’s IP Address. Find your router’s IP address in the following article.)

Now, you can see on the screen the user authentication page. It is a time of entering the default username and password in the specified place. Then, press the Enter button to proceed.

You can now see the administrator page of IP Address. Also, you can change the configuration of your device.

From the Admin Panel. Also, you can modify the internet connection type. With this, you can even change the name of your network, or you can add new devices.

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You can also perform few experiments with the bandwidth, transmission rate, As well as, and you can even monitor how many and which devices are connected with your router from admin panel based on your requirements.

Also, it is advised to change the default username and password of your router to provide the router with more security.

Default Router User & Password List

Router manufacturers send the routers in the shop with the previously fixed default username and password. Most of the time, this default username and password remain the same with the other routers as well irrespective of their model and brands. You can easily get access to the list of default username and password on the Internet.

If someone does not change the default username and password, then you can easily reach to their admin panel via default username and password. The below-mentioned table holds the detailed list of default username and password of different brands of routers:

Cannot Access to Login Page? Try this!

As IP Address is one of the most popular IP addresses, you can face issues during logging into the admin panel of IP Address for configuration. The following errors can be seen:

  • Incorrect IP Address
  • Connection Issue
  • The issue within the Router

The solutions to the issues are listed down below:

  • In case your device is showing ‘Incorrect IP Address’ look for whether is your router’s IP Address or not. To know your network’s details, you can visit the command prompt and enter ‘ipconfig/all’ command.
  • To solve the connection issue, look for the Ethernet cable connection. If Ethernet cable faces issues, then the admin page remains inaccessible.
    Sometimes routers face internal problems which create the connection error. In that case, contact your router company’s service center.

How to Change the Router’s Password

To ensure the safety of your router’s connection system, it is necessary to change the default username and password of your router that the router company sets generally. If you have already changed the default username and password, then it is not an issue. In case you have forgotten the last username and password of your router then you can reset your router.

After resetting you can only open your router’s admin panel through the default username and password. Also, the attached sticker with your router contains the information about the default username and password. To reset your router, follow the simple steps:

  • Find out the reset button from the back of your router
  • Hold it for 15-30 seconds minimum with a pin or needle
  • The reset procedure is automatic. However, this will lead to loss of the settings and configurations.

Also, you can only access to the login page through the default username and password. From this admin panel, you can change the router’s password as well.

Final Thoughts IP address issues are not tough to solve. Also, the article can help you in solving various issues regarding IP address from your router. Go through the article and gather enough information.


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