Wireless routers are widely used to connect multiple devices with a single internet connection. Also, this helps to save us money as well as makes the connection easier. Among the unlimited numbers of IP Addresses, IP address is a private one and primarily used as the default address for local internet connection, with the help of wireless routers.

About IP Address

It is already mentioned that is private IP Address. IP address functions only through private networks. Also, IP address is programmed in such a way that the only devices, which fall under this specific network system, only they can be connected with the network connection system.

You should not expect variation in the security system or the connection experience when using IP address, from the other devices. Multiple brands of routers use IP address, as such: Ambit Microsystems, ARRIS, Askey, Cisco, Forbes, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola, Netgear, Netronix, Planet, RCA, Scientific, SeeedStudio, SmartRG, SMC, TP-LINK, Ubee, Unbranded, USRobotics, Zoom, ZyXEL.

WARNING: Make sure you enter the right IP Address in the browser window. The most common mistake that people do is enter IPs like 192.168.l.0,  192.168.01,  192.168.l.1, 192.168.l.2, 192.168 l 0,  192.168.100,  192.168.l0.1,  192.168.l.l00,  192.168.l00.l instead of the original IP address.

Access Admin | Login to

To proceed with further actions using IP address, you need access to the Administration Panel. For this purpose, you need to follow specific steps that are being mentioned below:

1. Open the web browser on your computer system. It can be any web browser, but it is recommended to use the latest version of the browser.

2. Hit the below button named as “Access Router Page” to access IP address.

Access Your Router Admin Panel



NOTE: Wait for 3-4 seconds for the admin panel to load completelyAlso, if you’re getting an error or the web page is not loading, then it’s not your IP address. Find your router’s IP address in the following article.

3. The user authentication page will be opened. Enter your default username and default password in the designated space. After that, press enters key to proceed.

4. The administrator page of is now open. You can start with the configuration of your devices.

5. In the admin panel, you can change your internet connection type. Also, you can change the name of the network, or add new devices.

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6. You can also experiment with the transmission rate, bandwidth. Also, you can monitor the various devices connected to your router from the admin panel as per your requirements.

7. Also, we advise changing the default username and default password of your router to avoid any future security risks that might arise.

NOTE: If you forgot your username & password then you can follow the instructions to recover them. However, if you haven’t changed the default user and password, then you can consult our router default usernames and passwords list.

Default Router User & Password List

Generally, routers come with a fixed set of username and password. Router manufacturer companies set the username and password. However, for security purpose, you can change them. You have to follow certain steps to change the username and password.

The regular usernames and passwords are respectively addressed here: admin, none and password, none, admin, w2402, Motorola. Also, anyone can change the router username and password if they have some knowledge about the login credentials as they are almost the same of all the companies.

To locate the login information of your router, you can find them in the user manual as well as in the bottom or back of your router. Now you can log in to your account through opening the browser window.

Now, enter the IP Address in the browser window. In the login area enter the default username and password. From here you can change the default username and password.

After setting all of the required fields press on Apply and everything will be set. However, for little more information, I want to mention that is not common default IP Address. Also, routers can use,, or as their default IP Address.

What to do if I can’t Access Login Page

Logging into the Admin Panel of IP address page is not quite difficult. However, a lot of the times the user can face some difficulties. Also, to tackle these issues and what kind of problems the user can face, read below:

Connection Issue/Signal drops off/Firmware Glitch

To solve the issue:

  • Assure that you have a proper Ethernet Cable Connection
  • Reset the router to its factory settings
  • Other than that Troubleshooting helps as well.

You have to keep an eye on your cable connection. To securely connect with the internet connection, the router must use secured cable. Moreover, the quality of cable can be the reason for your issue. A quality cable can provide with longevity to your connection system. Also, properly check if the LED lights are switched on or not. You should check the all-around security of your router connection.

How to Change the Router’s Password

It may seem hectic to you, but changing the password of your router is the easiest job. You just need to know little bit details about your router and router’s IP address. You just have to open your web browser, type the URL of your IP Address in the text box of the browser.

So, this window is the gateway where you have to type your current username and password. Also, it can be the default one or anything else that you have saved as your username and password. Now, go to settings, and from the settings option, you can change the password and username of your router easily.

Conclusion IP Address is a private IP address, which means it is not possible for the user to connect with the network system from outside the house or home network. Also, it is the only possible for Public IP Addresses. IP Address is only usable within the LAN system. However, just keep in mind that and are not same IP Addresses.

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It is quite common for the users that they tend to think these two as one. Home networks are prone to use as their IP Address, rather than the IP Address. For smooth running of your network system, assure the proper network connection in your home or office.

You need to under that access IP Address admin panel is a bit tough to access. Since this is the only login page which allows the users in configuring all of the devices with the router. You have to reach to the admin panel to bring in changes in the device’s settings.


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