Routers are the easiest way of establishing internet connection among multiple devices. Routers save the cost of recharging in each and every device. The IP address is one of the most important parts of a router. IP addresses fall in two categories generally- public IP address and private IP address. In this article, we will discuss IP Address and this IP address falls into the category of private IP address.

About IP Address IP Address is used by various brands of routers as their default IP address. IP Address falls into the most common class C IP address. Usually, small-scale networks use IP Address. IP Address is quite different from the other commonly used IP addresses.

Therefore, it is necessary that you should have known about the basic details and guidelines before using IP Address. The major drawback of IP Address is only 254 devices can be connected with the router. Large networks cannot use the IP Address for their connection system.

How to Access to Admin Panel/Login to

Based on the functioning, IP Address can be a bit different from the other private IP addresses, but there is no difference in the Login process. It is very easy to get access to the admin panel of the IP Address. Even a complete novice can perform the task easily. However, keep in mind that before logging in you need the default username and password details.

Normally, the user manual and the sticker on the back of your router hold the details about the default username and password. For the default username and password, search for the user manual. Below are the steps of login to IP Address admin panel:

  1. Open your regular web browser on the computer system. The web browser can be anything, from Google Chrome to Internet Explorer, just make sure that you are using the latest version of it. Using the latest version of the web browser keeps the process hassle-free.
  2. Press the ‘Access Router Page’ button.

Access Your Router Admin Panel



Note: Wait for a while, so that the Router Panel can get the time of loading properly. In case, your system is showing some error, or the web page is taking forever to load, then your IP address is something else other than that. Find your router’s IP address in the following article.

3. Now, the user authentication page you can see on the screen. On that page, you have to enter the default username and password in the fixed place or box. After that, press Enter to proceed with the further steps.

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4. Administrative page of IP Address is opened now. Now, it is time to start the configuring process of your device.

5. From the Admin page, you can change the type of internet connection you want, your network’s name as well as you can block some existing device or even you can add some.

6. Also, through the login page, you can modify the IP address and bandwidth. Not only this, but you can also change the transmission rate that is using the internet connection from your router.

Default Router User & Password List

Now, router companies set the default username and password for every brand and model of router. They are easy to access. Also, Google has a detailed list of which brand of router uses which default username and password.

Therefore, to protect your information and a network connection from the unwanted people, you should change the default username and password of your router. The below-mentioned list holds the detailed information about the default username and password of various router brands:

What to do if I Cannot Access to IP Address Admin Panel

Generally, IP Address works completely fine. However, once in a while you can face some issue with your router that uses IP Address. The main issues are:

  • Admin Panel Not Opening
  • The router is Unable to Connect

The solutions are mentioned below:

The first issue has two possible solutions. One, you may have entered a wrong IP address. Secondly, the conflict between IP addresses. To solve the second one, you need to change your router’s IP address.

Your router can face issue into itself. If you use a wired connection, look for the connection line. Also, keep an eye on the router lights, whether they are blinking or not.

How to Change the Router’s Password

It has been mentioned already previously that routers come with the fixed set of default username and password. In case, you have forgotten the default username and password then resetting the router is the best solution. Default configuration system lets you get access of the router panel through entering the default username and password as well as also lets you get access of the place from where you can even change the default username and password.

These methods can help you to factory reset the router:

Now, different router follows a different method of factory reset. Also, your user manual contains details about the method of the particular router that you use.

The alternative method is to press and hold down the pinhole button that is located at your router’s back. Hold the button for 10 seconds minimum and your router is reset. Now, it is ready to accept the default username and password.

NOTE: If you forgot your username & password then you can follow these instructions to recover them. However, if you haven’t changed the default user and password, then you can consult our router default usernames and passwords list.

Final Words

All in All, It is not at all tough to solve the issues of your router that uses IP address. You can change the IP address from the admin panel of IP address. Not much difference can be located with the other IP addresses. IP address functions almost similar to the other IP addresses. The article can help you in solving the possible issues that you can face while dealing with the IP address in your router’s network connection system.


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