When we are discussing routers, modems, and internet connection, IP Addresses cannot be left behind as IP Addresses are one of the most critical parts of the whole broadband connection system. If we talk about the most used IP Addresses, then must be included into the list. IP Address is not as common as the IP Addresses, for example, or

However, much difference cannot be traced among the functions of the various IP Addresses. There are some specific routers, which use IP Address and if your router is one of them, then stick to the article for further information. Generally, manufacturers set the router’s IP Address. However, it is changeable. You can change the IP Address of your router at any time with any other IP address.

You just need thorough knowledge about the other IP Address in which you have changed the original IP address of your router. Belkin, SMC, and Siemens are among the long list of routers that use as their IP Address. The other brands of the router can also change the settings of their router and can turn the IP Address into For that purpose, the user just needs detailed knowledge about the IP Address and how it functions.

About IP Address

Lots of broadband routers use as their IP Address including Belkin and SMC models. IP Address is quite useful in the home broadband routers. However, other than the multiple positive points, IP Address has got its own limitations as well.

As is a private IP Address, and the main drawback is it is not possible for you to connect with the router that is not inside your house. IP Address only works within a certain range. Except for few drawbacks, IP Address works completely fine.

WARNING: Always remember to type correct IP address in your web browser i.e. ““. Don’t end up typing 192.168.2,  http//,  www.,, 192.168.2.l, 192.168.21, 168.192.l.2 or http //192.168.l.2.

Access Admin Panel |Login to

Logging in to IP Address is not much of hard work. You just have to follow few simple steps to be able to reach to the page finally. After reaching the page, you can perform multiple functions swiftly. The following steps can help you to access 192. 168. 2. 1 IP Address:

In web browser’s address bar enter the proper IP Address Also, you just need to remember that the web browser must be connected to the same network with the router’s network.

1. Initially, connect your router to the computer. You can connect it through the cable or wireless.

2. After that, just click on “Access Router Page” button.

Access Your Router Admin Panel



NOTE: Please wait for 4-5 seconds to load the Router Panel completely. Also, if you’re getting an error or the web page is not loading then it’s not your IP address. Find your router’s IP address in the following article.

3. You’ll be taken to the admin login page where you can enter the username and password.

4. If you’re using default username and password of the router, then, in that case, type “admin” in both the fields.

For example:

Username: admin
Password: admin

5. After entering your username and password, they refer you to the homepage of your router’s firmware settings.

6. If you don’t remember user & password of your router then you can recover router username & password through our guide.

Sometimes, there are some limitations can be seen regarding the system of settings changing. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that may not be it is possible for you to change each and every credential.

Default Router User & Password List

Every router comes with the set of default username and password. Generally, users tend to change the default username and password to provide the system with better protection/security.

If you have not made any changes in default username and password, then the table can help you to know the default username and password of various brands of routers that manufacturers use.

What to do if I cannot access Login Page

Usually, it does not take much effort to Login to the IP Address Login Page. However, if you face any issue once in a while during logging into the IP Address login page then, look for the following issues:

  • Make sure that you connect the Ethernet cable properly
  • LEDs need attention as well to ensure the indicator lights are on

To solve the issues you can follow these few simple procedures:

  • Resetting the router
  • Check for the LED lights

NOTE: If you forgot your username & password then you can follow these instructions to recover them. However, if you haven’t changed the default user and password, then you can consult our router default usernames and passwords list.

How to Change the Router’s Password

One of the most straightforward tasks regarding internet connection is the resetting the router’s password which uses IP Address. Also, the most common usernames and passwords for the IP Address are simple. They could be either admin, none and 1234, none, admin and others. However, to change the username and password, you have to type the pre-decided username and password in the proper box and confirm them by re-typing.

Conclusion IP Address is quite known in the world of IP Addresses. Multiple settings can be managed by putting down in the address bar of your browsers. You can edit things such as IP QoS, DNS configuration, PROXY configuration, DHCP customer, DSL, ADSL, and others. However, you need to be attentive during performing any change in the whole network connection system as faulty tasks can lead to loss of performance.


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