This guide is all about IP address & complete process to access it.

About IP Address

The IP address labelled is one of the most popular IP addresses that are used for configuration of routers. The IP address is often confused with several IP addresses due to its similarity with other IP addresses. In this article, we shall discuss various points about the IP address.

Why Do We Need Admin Panel?

The admin panel of the IP address is an essential feature as it is the only panel which will allow the users to configure all of your devices to your router. Without the admin panel of the 192.168 l 254.254 IP address, it is not possible to make any changes whatsoever in the configuration of the devices connected with the router.


How to Login to Administration Panel?

The process login to the admin panel of the IP address is simple, and anyone with a basic perceptive of computers can carry out the process. It is always recommended to know about the default username and password of the router since this information is required while logging in the admin panel. The steps to login into the admin panel are discussed below :

1. At first, open up the web browser on your computer system.

2. Then click on the button Access Router Panel to open IP address

Access Your Router Admin Panel



NOTE: Kindly wait for at least 20 to 30 seconds. It might take few seconds to open IP admin panel. If it’s not opening then you’re using wrong IP address. You can find your router’s exact IP from here.

WARNING: Always remember to type correct IP address. Don’t end up typing 192.168 l 254.254, or 192.168.l.254.254.

3. The user authentication page will now open up. Type the default username and password in the required space. Then, press the enter key to proceed.

4. The admin page of will now open. Here, you can easily configure your devices to the router.

5. From the admin panel of the router, you can add new devices to your network or you can also remove existing devices as required.

6. At last, you can also have a check on the various devices connected to your router using the admin panel.

List of Router’s Default User & Password

You can find any router’s default user & password from this drop-down list given below:

Simply, choose your router & you’re done.


What to do if I Forget Router IP Address?

People may forget the IP address of the router they are using due to high similarity between the various IP addresses used in the routers. Due to this, they cannot access the admin panel of the 192.168.l.254.254 IP address. A lot of methods are available to fix this issue which has been discussed below:

Method #1 Find the IP Address of the Router

Finding the default IP address of the router is very easy, and it is available at a lot of places. You can find all the related information about your router in the following places:

  • The User Manual of the Router: The user manual of your device has all the vital information related to your device, so you should always keep it safe. You can use this booklet to find the default username, IP address, and password of your router.
  • The Sticker at the back of the Router: A lot of valuable information is given on the sticker of the router. This also includes the default username, IP address, default password and the model number of the device.

Method #2 Resetting the Router to its Default Configuration

If you have forgotten username and password of your router, then the easiest method to regain the access to the admin panel of the IP address is to reset it to factory settings. However, you should always bear in mind that implementing this method will force you to reconfigure the router right from scratch. The best method to factory reset the router is to use the pinhole button provided at the back of the router. Press and hold down that button for about 10-15 seconds, and the router will restart by itself. So, you can again login via the default username and password.

How Can I Change the IP Address

Many times due to issues of IP Conflict, we have to change the IP address of the routers, so that they may connect with every device. The steps to change the default IP address of the router are:

  1. At first, open the admin panel of the original IP address of the router.
  2. Then login as admin and open Settings.
  3. Click on the LAN tab, and then select Configure IP Address.
  4. Type the new IP address in the required area and click OK button.
  5. At last, log in again from the new IP address to use the router as before.

Your IP address will now be changed. But, if you face any problem, you can reboot your router to fix it.

See Also:

Port Forwarding

If you want to carry out some unimportant work on your computer, for example, you want to play games on your computer, then you can use the Port Forwarding feature to use your router without knowing the password. However, your computer needs to have the Universal Plug n Play system enabled, and then your router will open up the ports for forwarding. So, anyone can use them without knowing the password.

Issues Related to

Apart from the technical problems that may arise from time to time, there are various precautions which should be taken so that you can use the router without any hassles. Some of these precautions are:

  1. Always use a UPS while configuring the router.
  2. Always use good quality cables so that data transmission is at a reasonable rate.
  3. The router lights should be in a working condition.


This was all the necessary information that a user needs to possess before using the router of IP address. All in all, using the router is relatively easy.


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