Router Brands Default IP Adresses

Router Password Recovery

It's a common mistake when you forgot the username and password of your router. Or even you never know the default username and password of your router, and this is the first time you want to login to Router Admin Control Panel.

Worry not! Follow these easy steps to recover your Router Password:

  1. Reset your Router
    To do that, find a hidden reset button on the back of the router. Use a thin and sharp object as a needle or toothpick to Press and hold the button for 10 seconds. Now the router will be back to the factory settings.
    reset the router
  2. Find the default Router Login IP Address, username and password of your Router
    Follow this tutorial to find your router login IP address or look up the Router Login IP address of your router brand in our database there
    And about the default username and password, it should be printed under your Router like this:
    router default username & password
    Or you can find your default router passwords in our database there.