The Internet is the key to the connection in the modern period. Without a stable connection, you cannot perform any important regular tasks of your work or even cannot entertain yourself. To connect with the outside world, you need a smooth connection to the internet.

However, with time, people are becoming prone to forgetting things and important information. To remember the important dates, incidents, functions or even usernames, passwords, phone numbers; people depend on their electronic gadgets and devices.

However, even electronic gadgets and devices use passwords or usernames, which people need to, remember and forgetting the crucial data can create troubles.

We all know routers are quite useful in the modern period of internet connectivity. Routers make the connection procedure easier as well as lower the cost of internet connection. Using a router is always profitable when you need to use multiple devices altogether. Routers are handy in small organizations also.

However, it is known to all that routers use username and password to protect the network connection from unwanted people. Now, in case you may have forgotten your router’s username and password and unable to remember them. Forgetting username and password can be a problem. However, in this article, we will discuss four ways in which you can Recover Router Username and Password. You just have to follow some basic steps in every method.

Default Username and Password

Usually, routers come with a fixed set of username and password, set by the manufacturer. This previously set username and password are known as default username and password. It is always advisable to change the default username and password to secure your internet connection.

Generally, router users are quite ignorant about changing the default username and password. If you are one of them, then you need to be alert about your router’s connection. However, in this case, the unchanged default username and password can save you from greater trouble. To recover your router’s username and password, look for them in your user manual.

The user manual is quite important and holds lots of important information about your router. If in case you are unable to find out your user manual, then the attached sticker of your router can help you. The sticker that is placed on your router contains the information about default username and password as well as the model number and IP address.

Reset Your Router in its Default Settings

If you are not one of the ignorant router users and have changed the default username and password, but forgot the new username and password, then you have to reset your router in its default settings. However, this method will remove all of the previously set configurations. This method can be completed into two processes:

Your user manual holds all of the important information about the resetting process. The process is different for every brand of router.

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The second process follows the use of the pinhole button. The button is at the back of your router; press the button for minimum 10 seconds to reset your router. Now, your router is ready to accept the default username and password.

These two above-mentioned methods are the most successful ones among all four methods. Using these two methods, you can easily get access to your default username and password.

Recover Router Username and Password List From The Internet

If you have not changed the default username and password and also cannot remember the default username and password, then this method can help you. However, sometimes the method cannot be as useful as it seems. In that case, you have to search for the default username and password in the user manual.

Maximum brands and models of routers use ‘admin’ or ‘user’ as their default username
Maximum brands and models of routers use ‘admin’ or ‘user’ as their default password. ‘Michelangelo’ can be another possible option for the default password in few cases.
You have to enter the proper model and brand name of the router to find out the default username and password in order to avoid the resetting method.

Use of Universal Plug and Play

This is the most complicated method and the least preferred also. You have to be a pro to use this method in order to recover the default username and password. You have to be well aware of the details of a router to follow this method; otherwise, it can end up as a messy and tricky process. This method works the best when you are using an open network system. This method is useful when you are willing to use someone else’s router but have no idea about their router’s username and password.

Through this method, you can easily get access to the applications that support the port’s automatic opening from the router. Therefore, the connection will be still there even when you have no idea about the username and password of the router. However, this method does not hold as a perfect method to recover a router’s username and password.

Final Words

Generally, hacks happen due to the users’ ignorance. Router users tend to procrastinate when it comes to about changing the default username and password of the router and setting up a stronger username and password. There are various methods mentioned online to recover the username and password of a router, as well as various articles, are available also on the topic of default username and password list. It is not at all tough to get access to them.

Therefore, it is the best solution for the router users that they should be more cautious about their router’s username and password. It is better to change the default username and password as soon as possible and set up a better password. There are various websites available online to test the strength of your router’s password. It is better to be safe rather than being sorry. Small steps can provide you with greater security.



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