We can call a router as a device which analyzes the contents of data packets that are sent within a network or to another network.

Every router determines whether the source and destination of data are on the same network or whether it has to be sent from one network type to another.

A router has benefits over other network devices, like a hub or a switch which can only perform basic network functions. A hub is required to transfer data between computers or devices, but it does not analyze the data. Whereas, routers can analyze the data being sent over a network, change the packaging, and send it over to another or a different network.

A group of computer networking researchers first came up with the idea of a router, which was then called a gateway. They formed an organization by the name of International Network Working Group that became a subcommittee of the International Federation for Information Processing in 1972.

The first true router was developed in 1974, and three PDP-11-based routers were used to create a prototype experimental version of the Internet in 1976. Mini-computers were used as routers between the mid-1970s to 1980s. At present, modern routers are fast specialized computers with extra hardware for rapid data packet forwarding and secured by encryption.

Several routers in interconnected networks, exchange and analyze information, and build tables of preferred routes and rules for determining routes and destinations for the data. Routers are used to convert computer signals from one standard protocol to another.

An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numeric address, logical in nature, which is assigned to every computer, printer, switch, router or any other device that is part of a TCP/IP-based network.

The networking architecture is built on the core component of an IP address. Every node in the network is uniquely identified using a logical address like the IP address.

The numbers in an IP address are divided into 2 parts:

• The network part gives information about which networks this address belongs to and
• The host part gives the exact location.

A public IP address is the IP address of your device on the wider internet. Your device is assigned a new IP address every time it is connected to the internet. There are many online tools that you can use to find your public IP.

Your router assigns a local IP address to every device connected to it, including itself. The local IP address works within your local network and is not readable to the wider internet, unlike public IP address. Routers mostly assign IP addresses starting with 192.168.XXX.XXX.

Your router too has an IP address which is needed every time you want to configure your router or manage all the devices that are connected to it. In order to access your router’s web-based setup page, it is essential. For this, you have to simply type your router’s IP address in your browser window.

There are various methods to find your router IP address for different platforms. Some of these are:

How To Find Your Router IP Address on Windows PC

For Windows PC, there are two simple methods to find your router IP address.

The first method is to click on:

• Start, then type CMD in the search box, followed by selecting the Command Prompt.
• A new window opens.
• Then type ipconfig and hit enter.


• The IP address next to Default Gateway can be seen.

The second method is, to click on:

• Network Icon located at the bottom right corner.
• Then you have to right-click on the icon, and select “Open network and sharing center.”

Network and sharing center
Network and sharing center

• Then click on the link that is located next to “Connections.”
• After that click on “Details.”

Network Connection Details
Network Connection Details

The IP address next to IPv4 Default gateway can appear.

How To Find Your Router IP Address on Mac OS X Device

To find your router IP address on Mac, again there are two methods:

The first method is to:

• Go to Utilities > Terminal


• The screen opens and then type the following: netstat -nr | grep default

netstat -nr | grep default
netstat -nr | grep default

• The IP address appears next to “default.”

The second method is:

• First, from the menu, open the System Preferences

System Preferences
System Preferences

• Then, click on Network References
• Next, select Wi-Fi (for wired connection click LAN), followed by Advanced > TCP/IP

Advanced > TCP/IP
Advanced > TCP/IP

• The IP address can appear next to “Router.”

How To Find Your Router IP Address on IOS Devices

• In order to find your router IP address on iPhone or iPad the follow these steps:
• At first, navigate to Settings.
• Then tap on Wi-Fi and click on (i), next to your network.

Wi-Fi Settings in iOS
Wi-Fi Settings in iOS

• The IP address will appear next to “Router.”

How To Find Your Router Address on Android

To find your router IP address on an Android phone or tablet, then follow these steps:

• At first, Go to Settings.
• Next, tap Wi-Fi.
• Then, click on your network.

Wi-Fi Settings in Android
Wi-Fi Settings in Android

There will be several information like Status, Link speed, Signal Strength, security, and also your IP address.

How To Find Your Router IP Address on Linux

It is quite easy to find your router IP address on your Linux device.
• At First, from the notification section, click on the icon of the networks.
• Then a drop-down menu appears with a list of options.
• Next, click on the ‘Connection Information’ tab, from the drop-down menu, to find your routers IP address.
From the ‘default route’ tab, you can find your router IP address directly.

How To Find Your Router IP Address on Chrome OS

On a Chromebook, it is easy quite to find your router IP address.

• At first, click on the notification tab on the right side of the desktop, a pop-up list appears on the screen.
• Further click on the tab which says “connected to (your routers name).”
• Then, select the name of the Wifi.
• A dialog box appears with network information.
• At last, you can see this IP address under the network section.

These are the various basic methods to find the router IP address from different platforms. Similar options and steps are present on any device which connects to the router.


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