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Tenda router login - How to login to Tenda router

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Based on your local ip address, this should be your router admin ip address. This is only the case if you are in the same network as your wifi router.


Default IP for Tenda

Default logins for Tenda

100 %
IP Address:

Requirements to Access Tenda Router

If you wish to log on to the Tenda router's console, you need to be connected to your network through the Wi-Fi or LAN cable. You will need a computing device to access the console from, such as a computer, mobile or tablet. Apart from that, you need a web browser on your device to access the web interface of the router. 

Tenda Login Steps

  1. Connect to the Network

    For Tenda wireless router login, you must be connected to the network. You can either connect to the network with the help of a LAN cable or access your WiFi. For access through WiFi, you need to fill in the username and password. However, you do not need a password to connect with a LAN cable. If you aren't connected to your network, you won't be able to access the Tenda login IP or run any functions on it. If you wish to access your router from a remote location, you can make use of a VPN. 

  2. Open the Browser and Log on to

    After establishing a connection to the network, you need to access the Tenda login IP. Though different routers have different IPs assigned to them, you can access your Tenda wifi login interface through If this IP doesn't work, you can also try You need to type this IP in the browser's URL section and press enter. The link will then get converted into the link and redirect you to the Tenda router login page. If you've forgotten the IP of your router, you can easily find out with a command-line argument on your PC or the connection settings. The IP of your router is listed under the default gateway section. You can also find a list of default IPs of Tenda router on the internet. 

  3. Enter Default Tenda Wireless Router Login Credentials

    Usually, you don't need any username or password to log on to your Tenda router. You can leave the space for username and password blank and just click on submit. If that doesn't work, you can also use admin as both username and password and log on to your router's console. However, if you've changed the username or password in the past, you can log on by submitting those in the respective values. If you're unable to gain access to the web interface of your router and haven't changed the password in the past, you may need to reset your router. For this, you'll have to press the reset button on your router and wait for it to reboot. Your router's settings will then be set to default, allowing you to log on to it. However, after you have logged on to the router with default username and password, you must change it. It will increase the security on your network so no one else can access your router and play with your network configuration. 

  4. Make Changes to the Settings of Your Tenda Router

    Once you have logged on to your Tenda router, you will be able to change any settings that you wish to. The web interface of the router looks like a control panel with several options to set up your network as you want it to.

    Some of the settings you can make here are:

    • You can set up a static IP for your router
    • Set up a new WIFI name or password
    • Set up a firewall
    • Open the ports for certain communication

    You can also change the settings to default ones if the ones previously set are outdated or don't work anymore. However, you must be careful while changing the settings of your router as it may stop working with one wrong move. Therefore, you need to note down the initial values before making any changes over the network. This way, you'll be able to prevent any unlikely outcome.

Troubleshooting Tenda Router

Sometimes, your network or your router can stop working after you have changed the settings. However, you can easily revert these if you've noted down the values before making any changes to the settings. If you're unable to change anything still, you can reset your router. You can find instructions to reset your router online, as well. But if resetting your router through command line or console instructions doesn't work out, you may have to resort to the hard reset of the router. 

You can do a hard reset of your router by pressing the reset button on it for about 30 seconds. This will reboot your router to its default settings, including its default username and password. Therefore, you will be able to change the settings to the one that works as per your wishes. 

Models using Tenda

Tenda 3G150S 3G150S -/admin
Tenda 4G300 4G300 admin/admin
Tenda 4G301 4G301 admin/admin
Tenda 4G600 4G600 admin/admin
Tenda A31 A31 -/admin
Tenda A5 A5 -/admin
Tenda A6 A6 -/admin
Tenda A8 A8 -/admin
Tenda AC10 AC10 -/-
Tenda AC10U AC10U -/-
Tenda AC11 AC11 -/-
Tenda AC15 AC15 -/-
Tenda AC18 AC18 -/-
Tenda AC5 AC5 -/-
Tenda AC6 AC6 -/-
Tenda AC6 V2 AC6 V2 -/-
Tenda AC7 AC7 -/-
Tenda AC9 AC9 -/-
Tenda AC9 v3 AC9 v3 -/-
Tenda D151 D151 admin/admin
Tenda D151 v2 D151 v2 admin/admin
Tenda D151 v3 D151 v3 admin/admin
Tenda D152 D152 -/-
Tenda D301 D301 admin/admin
Tenda D302 D302 admin/admin
Tenda F1200 F1200 -/admin
Tenda F3 F3 -/admin
Tenda F3-16 F3-16 -/admin
Tenda F300 F300 -/admin
Tenda F303 F303 -/admin
Tenda F452 F452 -/admin
Tenda F9-17 F9-17 -/admin
Tenda FH1201 FH1201 -/admin
Tenda FH1202 FH1202 -/admin
Tenda FH303 v1 FH303 v1 -/-
Tenda FH303 v2 FH303 v2 -/admin
Tenda FH456 FH456 -/-
Tenda FH456-16 FH456-16 -/-
Tenda HG305-G HG305-G admin/admin
Tenda Mesh3 (Nova MW6) Mesh3 (Nova MW6) -/-
Tenda Mesh3-18 (Nova MW6 2018) Mesh3-18 (Nova MW6 2018) -/-
Tenda Mesh3f (Nova MW3) Mesh3f (Nova MW3) -/-
Tenda N150 N150 -/admin
Tenda N3 N3 -/-
Tenda N300 N300 -/-
Tenda N300 v6 N300 v6 -/-
Tenda N301 N301 admin/admin
Tenda N6 N6 admin/admin
Tenda N60 N60 admin/admin
Tenda N80 N80 admin/admin
Tenda nova MW5 (Mesh5) nova MW5 (Mesh5) -/-
Tenda nova MW5 (Mesh5s) nova MW5 (Mesh5s) -/-
Tenda W150D v6 (??) W150D v6 (??) admin/admin
Tenda W150M+ W150M+ admin/admin
Tenda W15E W15E -/-
Tenda W15E V2 W15E V2 -/-
Tenda W1800R W1800R admin/admin
Tenda W268R (earlier) W268R (earlier) admin/admin
Tenda W268R (later) W268R (later) admin/admin
Tenda W3002R W3002R -/-
Tenda W302R W302R admin/admin
Tenda W303R v1 (??) W303R v1 (??) -/-
Tenda W303R v3 (??) W303R v3 (??) -/admin
Tenda W307R v1 (??) W307R v1 (??) admin/admin
Tenda W307R v3 W307R v3 admin/admin
Tenda W311R v2 W311R v2 admin/admin
Tenda W311R v3 W311R v3 admin/admin
Tenda W330R W330R admin/admin
Tenda W368R W368R -/-
Tenda W568R W568R admin/admin